Hardmatic HH-300 – Series 811 – Durometers for Rubber and Plastics

Hardness Testers

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    Digital / Dial Durometers are suitable for testing the nature of the following materials -natural rubber, neoprene, polyesters, P.V.C., leather, nitrite rubber, wax, vinyl, cellulose acetates, glass polystyrene, etc.

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    HH-411 is a rebound type portable hardness tester for metal with a compact body and high operability. It allows anyone to perform hardness testing easily at the touch of a key, so it can be used widely on various components in the field.

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    – The electromagnetic force motor used in the loading mechanism enables the test force to be freely selected (see test force specifications) over the wide range of 0.4903mN to 19610mN (0.05gf to 2 kgf).
    It is also possible to freely set load dwell times. Now your desire for absolute control over the indentation size in Vickers hardness testing can be satisfied. The HM-200 series always offers the test force most appropriate for the specimen material and shape.
    – The long working distance objectives used enable a very comfortable working distance between the objective and the specimen surface.
    This, greatly reduces the possibility of collision between the specimen and the objective during focusing operations. (e.g. for 50X objectives: 1.1mm for conventional models, 2.5mm for HM-200 series)
    – Newly-designed ‘MH Plan’ objectives are optimized for measuring indentation images.
    The lineup includes 6 types of long working distance objectives: 10X, 20X, 50X and 100X for measuring indentation images, and 2X and 5X for enabling wide-range measurement around indentations.
    – LEDs, which have a longer life, produce less heat, consume less power and are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, are employed for the illumination system.
    – The motorized turret allows for up to 4 objective lenses and 2 indenter assemblies to be mounted at the same time.

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    The new frame design alllows the full 7.1” of specimen capcity without the need to cut a whole in the table.
    Simple to operate; The digital HR320 model uses a flashing bar graph to indicate when the initial test force has been reached.
    430 models feature automatic brake and automatic start function that prevents overloading and begins test cycle. The HR430 model also includes the dial a weight system for easier load selection.
    All models are complete with Flat and VEE anvils, diamond and 1/6” carbide ball indenters, 2 HRC and 1 HRBW Rockwell blocks (MR models)s or 3 Rockwell blocks and an HR30N and HR30TW for MS testers

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    Multiple test force generation for Rockwell, Rockwell Superficial and Brinell hardness.
    Dolphin-nose indenter arm for easy reach of interior (min. ø40mm/ø22mm*) and exterior surfaces. *When using an optional diamond indenter (19BAA292).
    Real time electronic test force control for accurate loading. This perfectly eliminates load force overshooting.
    Indenter escape function for continuous testing at fixed table position. This eliminates instability caused by the table retraction.
    Auto-stop elevation table and automatic preliminary test force loading to provide stable test force generation.
    Complete with one flat and VEE anvil, diamond and 1/16” carbide ball indenters, 2 HRC and 1 HRBW Rockwell test blocks and an HR30N and HR30TW test block.

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    Heavy load Vickers testing machines feature motorized force selection from 1-50kgf or .3 to 30kgf. Fully adjustable long-life LED illumination runs cool.
    A dual-line filar eyepiece combines with a color touch-screen LCD to create accurate measurements with the touch of a button.
    The motorized turret can accommodate up to 3 long working distance objective lenses for an even wider range of materials and a wide variety of anvils and x-y stages are also available.

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    The Type B HV110/ HV120 Vickers hardness testers add computer control to make measurements even more repeatable.
    A high-resolution 3 mega-pixel camera produces crisp images that are automatically measured in less than .3 seconds. SPECIFICATIONS
    Various software functions such as automatic light intensity, simple to use report generator and programming wizards make tedious and repetitive testing requirements more accurate than manual testing and eliminates common operator errors.
    The Type D HV110 / 120 adds a motorized X-Y stage with up to 100mm x 100mm of travel for large samples. A motorized focusing platform is also utilized for a complete walk away system.

    *Other specifications as Type A testers
    ** Optional test forces may be required

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    Series 810

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    Series 810

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    Series 810

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    Series 810